Get a Library Card

To get a library card at your library, you will need to provide identification as proof of address. Your card can be renewed every year by following this process.

Fees for library membership vary depending on the library and the age of the member.

Membership fees for Jim and Mary Kearl Library:

Town and County of Cardston Residents: 
Individuals - $15.00
Seniors - $12.00
Family - $35.00
Groups - $20.00

Non-Residents (not in Town/County):
Individuals - $50.00
Family - $80.00

Replacement Cards - $2.00

Fees must be paid by cash or cheque.

The Alberta Library Card
If you have a card at your library, you can get the Alberta Library Card. With this card, you can borrow from over 250 libraries across Alberta. Ask your librarian about getting The Alberta Library Card today!